Alex Starsound

Canada // Toronto



Hello friends, Infuse team are Alex Shefler and David Rosenberg. Launched Infuse in December 2016. Launched Infused Traxx in June 2017. Infuse is a promotion team, and Infused Traxx is a record label for djs/producers, who are part of Infuse family, and who make psy trance, hard trance, and tech trance. Infused Traxx / Infuse put on label events to get friends and family together and party hard to trance music all night.

Alex Dj’ed since the 90’s: euro, house, trance, and techno. Created Trance Rotation podcast(2005-2015). In 2016, started to produce trance under Starsound alias with David(Darroo, Castaway). So far, made several collabs with David. Released those collabs on LW Recordings, UK44, New Plannet Records, Infused Traxx, and on Psycotic Trance under Banshee Worx/Bonzai. In October 2017, Alex launched Infused Radio.

Infused Traxx is currently accepting trance demos in genres: psy trance, hard trance, and tech trance. Send them to Infuse mailbox via wetransfer.com. High quality sound is paramount at Infused Traxx, and in-house mastering service is available.

Infused Traxx is committed to release the bangiest tracks in psy trance, hard trance, tech trance, and especially any blend of them in one(138-146 bpm).


Alex Starsound 

DJ Darroo

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