Alien Pilot

Canada // Toronto



Ian McKee is a 27 year old, up and coming DJ / Producer from the city of Windsor in Ontario, Canada. Known best for his recent project Alien Pilot becoming a success, gaining
momentum DJing in popular clubs around the city of Toronto opening and closing for big name artists such as Bizzare Contact, 1200 Micrograms & Liquid Soul. Falling in love with electronic music at an early age he began learning how to DJ on his own and eventually
meeting a great friend and mentor known as “Baxley Bang” teaching him the ropes of music production. Alien Pilot delivers a beautiful sound between the Progressive & Full-On styles of Psychedelic Trance influenced by artists such as Astrix, Liquid Soul, &
Ovnimoon to name a few. Never falling short of performing his sets with all the passion & love he can possibly deliver creating energetic sets for the dance floor. With upcoming releases on a new Toronto based Trance record label known as Infused Traxx, Alien
Pilot is one artist your sure to want to keep an eye on.


Agency Ian McKee

Email alienpilotmusic@hotmail.com

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