A True Junglist Soldier at heart. Rolling with Funk Bunker Music out of Edmonton for the last 5 years and Awaken Life Productions since Summer of 2016. As well a love one of the YEGDNB Community since he spawned up. Being recognized for his huge Love and Passion for DnB, driving to the city every other weekend, for he be a small town country boy out east. He was at ever event helping out and such with so much energy. As well he held down a monthly Drum-N-Bass Night at the Zen Lounge prior for a couple of years. Funk Bunker Music was quick to recognize him and pick him up. Becoming a resident DJ, Junglist Solder for the 780 area. Representing Funk Bunker at Astral Harvest Music Festival for a few years.

To headlining at Reignbough Fiddle for the past 3 years along with working with the Reign Bough Fiddle Crew. Being one of the Managers at the Tower Stage. Brucey-B has made a name for himself being the Crazy Wizard of the Tower Stage with that DnB Philosphy, Warping your reality, creating positivity everywhere he rains. From Liquid rollers to Soul fetching Groovy Basslines to Spicy Jump Up. Brucey-B creates a dish full of heat even after you think you’ve tasted it all. Keeping it smooth with his seamless mixing like cutting a knife through hot butter. To Soul and Intensity, but still keeping it fun. Brucey-B knows how to get it done. 

Now on True North Radio,  the world is hearing what he has to say and play bringing that beautiful Underground Sound everywhere.

Catch him Live on www.truenorthradio.ca every other week Sundays at 11 AM (MST)

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PHONE: 226 201 2698

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