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Colin – AKA Cell Revival, has had a burning passion for underground style electronic music since he was in his mid-teens. At the age of 20, having worked with a mid-large event production company, he went on to form in part Equinox Entertainment; a brand in Toronto focused on providing world class events in small to mid-sized venues. He has strived with every event and every set, to lead by example. He and his partners in their events always went above and beyond, sacrificing profits to have bigger, better sound, lights, giveaways and decorations. Parties were never a money grab; they were an expression of a vision of unity and positive expression. As a DJ, Cell Revival has over a decade of experience mixing as a semi-professional DJ. He mixes all forms of electronic music and loves pushing his comfort zone; rebelling against the idea that a DJ needs to have one sound. Spending around 3 years hosting an open decks platform for up-and-coming DJs downtown Toronto, it’s hard to argue his heart and soul is not in this. He aspires to create, inspire, and bestow a vision of what electronic music events should be. He is a proud and humble contributor to the True North Radio family of entertainers. Catch Me Every 1st and 3rd Sunday on Dream at 7 PM (MST)

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    PHONE: 226 201 2698

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