Records from Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream and others were on heavy rotation as a kid. it all came to a boil around 1990 when he first heard and 808 state record in his high school computer lab. At the same time he was experimenting with his Commodore Amiga and sequencers, the fire was lit and the journey began. It would be a few years later before he finally got his Technics 1200’s and started curating music he’d been exposed to in his home town of Vancouver. Jam & Spoon, Jaydee, B.B.E., The Crystal Method, and Moby were all on his mind. Jason also drew heavy inspiration from the progressive house sounds of Sasha and Digweed, Dave Seaman and quickly found his music niche as a DJ. The Global Underground mixes from Ibiza, Sydney and Cape Town were the textbooks that he studied relentlessly. He Played shows in the UK, Germany, America and in his home of Canada. Jason fondly remembers playing Birmingham many times and raves up and down the west coast of North America. With the events of 2020, playing live has changed. He’s made some great friends through the magic of live streaming and virtual events and is looking forward to more. Jason Cares a lot about his music and you’ll be sure to feel when you are in the mix with him. Join him for the journey every last Saturday of the month 9 PM (MST)

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